Classification of Grease Guns by Grease Gun Accessories Factory


The grease gun accessories factory said that the grease gun is a tool for lubrication of mechanical equipment. It can be equipped with iron barrel or hose filler nozzle. For the local government with convenient refueling location information and spacious development space environment, it can use iron gun to conceal the refueling location, and we must use hoses to refuel in roundabout places. It has the advantages of simple operation method, more convenient carrying and wide range of use. It is a necessary means of transportation for the majority of agricultural machinery operators and maintenance service centers.
Butter gun accessories factory can divide butter into four categories: pneumatic grease gun, pedal grease gun, electric grease gun and manual grease gun.
The working principle of the grease gun is basically the same as that of the grease gun accessories factory. The difference is that the main difference of the oil gun is the power source. The pneumatic grease gun is applicable to the lubrication system and complete cream distribution equipment to improve the oil pressure and output. It is applicable to high viscosity grease and cold areas. It is used in mines, ports, power plants, production workshops and other occasions.
Foot grease gun, ergonomic design of the operating organization, compact structure, reasonable design. It is safe, reliable, light, labor-saving and convenient to move. It is suitable for filling grease free air in metallurgy, ports, automobiles, engineering machinery and various places.
The electric grease gun does not need compressed air. It is powered by 220V/380V power supply, which is more convenient, fast and energy-saving. It has the advantages of low noise, relatively stable working environment pressure, high production efficiency and low labor intensity.
For the grease gun of the grease gun accessories factory, the manual grease gun is a pressure bar type grease gun that adds grease to the lubricating part of the beam pumping unit. It is characterized by light and simple equipment and convenient use.