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With the fierce competition in the market, the styles of butter guns are becoming more and more diversified. However, the basic principles of the grease gun are similar, and the grease nozzle is divided into two types: sharp nozzle and flat nozzle. The accessories are also hose and hard pipe. The general structure of the grease gun is composed of the gun head, barrel, handle, and handle. The interior is composed of leather bowl, spring, steel ball, pull rod, and exhaust screw, although everyone is diverse on the surface.
At present, the grease guns on the market are generally prone to oil leakage, sand ingress, and failure to squeeze out oil. This is also a problem for users. Generally, the grease guns are prone to oil leakage and sand ingress. One is the problem of the grease guns themselves, and the other is that some are novices who do not know how to use the grease guns very well, and the mistakes in operation cause the grease guns to be difficult to use.
For some faults in use. We can try to avoid it. For example, before refueling, first check whether the grease fitting on the machine is in good condition. When selecting the grease, you must select a larger brand of grease manufacturer. Once the grease is not selected properly, a good grease gun is also easy to break, and so is the machine. A few sand grains are mixed in the butter, and if you use a pointed nozzle at this time, you must throw the oil gun away to get rid of your anger, and it is not good for the equipment. However, most of these things are caused by ourselves, so we must keep the butter used and the nozzle of the grease gun clean, do not use dirty tools to refuel, and the oil container should be covered in time.

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