How to solve the problem that the grease gun cannot produce oil


During the use of the grease gun, sometimes the oil cannot be pressed out. In fact, it's just that there is air in the oil gun. This small mistake has caused many inexperienced novices a headache. Don't fill the tank, but add it while leaving a channel. When you throw the oil down with your hands, the air inside will come out (of course, it's also a good choice to throw the oil down with your hands). There are some refueling techniques mentioned above, but it may not be easy to add air in the actual use. At this time, some targeted measures should be taken. Generally, the following methods can be taken:
1. If there is a hard rod, pull the rod several times to mix the air in the grease gun with the grease. Reducing the volume of a single bubble may solve the problem, but the effect is not always good.
2. The effective method is deflation, but it needs the support of hardware. Generally, the gun body has an exhaust port design. When you slowly open the exhaust screw, the air inside will come out.
3. When you feel that there is gas in the grease gun and it cannot be pumped out, just turn the screw port that combines the oil gun body and the pump body a few times or back and forth to ensure your success. It is not difficult. Even when you turn, the gas bubble inside is also rotating.

the grease gun cannot produce oil